Building a Secondary School at Chipwepwete, Rural Malawi

Only 10% of children in Malawi currently complete secondary education. Thus, very few people learn sufficient English or develop skills which would enable them to work in any other capacity beyond growing enough food for their families.

For those able to go to secondary school, like fifteen year old Lucky who walks an hour and a half to school, there are over 70 children in each class. There are very few books or other resources and no electricity or IT provision.

Hope4Malawi, in partnership with Fisherman’s Rest in Malawi have helped children at Chipwepwete primary school by providing a fully resourced library and librarian, six brick classrooms and funding a daily feeding programme. Many children are now inspired to further their education and develop their skills so they can play a part in changing their communities.

We can help them achieve this dream by funding the infrastructure of a new secondary school in the same locality, working with local government who will provide teaching staff.

You can partner with us to shape these children’s future. Through partnering with us to build the new secondary school, we will not only provide opportunities for children from Chipwepwete primary school but also children from other, even more rural, primary schools. Please help us to improve education and give hope to individual children in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Progress update: the land has been secured, the plans agreed and funds raised for two teaching blocks and a science, lab and library block.  The foundations for these have been dug.

Due to the rural location and distance from the main road of the secondary school, it is important to build teacher housing on the site. We are starting to raise funds for teacher housing, our first priority being to raise £15,000 to enable the building of a headteacher’s house. We would be grateful for any donations towards this, big or small. Alternatively, you could host a coffee morning with a presentation by a member of the Hope4Malawi team

 Please partner with us and donate, so we can build a head teacher’s house before opening the school in September 2020

All charity running costs are covered by the Hope4Malawi Trustees and there are no salary costs so all donations given to this project will be used to provide school lunches for  the children at Mpemba and Chipwepwete Schools