Chipwepwete Primary School

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A small rural primary school in an isolated part of rural Blantyre, 8 kms down a dirt track with not much between the main road and this village, Chipwepwete school is amazingly well organised with a superb Head teacher, Noah. Yet there is little resource at this school.  With only 2 classrooms and 8 year groups, most classes are outside with children sitting on stones.  Class sizes are over hundred for years 1-4, many children not passing the exams to move on further up the school.  Some of the 7 teachers are unqualified although they appear to be highly committed and motivated to give the education they can to the children from the village. Watch a video of the school here Chipwepwete School 2015

We are committed to work with the school to see transformation – the long term vision being that the majority of children are able to move onto secondary education; currently less than 20% are in school beyond year 8.

In 2015 we provided the school with a kitchen and feeding programme, the feeding programme is being supported by Trinity School Croydon. The regular school lunch, sometimes the only meal of the day, will enable the children to learn better as they will be able to concentrate in class. It will also improve the level of attendance  as the general health of the children improves.

In 2016 Hope4Malawi raised funds to provide two classrooms and a fully equipped library.  The library and classroom block was opened on 12th July 2016.  The classrooms need desks as currently most children at the school sit on the floor for lessons.  The school also needs a headmasters and staff room.

In 2017 Hope4Malawi plans to build a classroom block with four classrooms allowing each child in the school to have lessons in a room with a roof.  This will  improve the ability of the children to attend lessons regularly and will improve the learning environment significantly.

Please give generously here to help transform the lives of the children at Chipwepwete and give them hope of a better future.