Secondary School Sponsorship Programme

Well done to the students at Mpemba primary school for record breaking results in the history of the school, with three boys gaining over 90% in the exams. Many of the students have now been accepted to secondary school. The head teacher attributes this achievement to the provision of the library with its books and teaching resources, together with the feeding programme provided through Hope4Malawi. Hope4Malawi is committed to supporting Mpemba Primary through the employment of Peter, the librarian, and the continuation of the feeding programme that is vital for the children’s health and ability to concentrate. It is thrilling to see the fruit of these projects to which many of you contribute financially.  Thank you for your ongoing commitment. Unlike primary education, secondary schools in Malawi  require fees.

Hope4Malawi has established a sponsorship programme whereby a generous donor is matched with one young person, whom the donor commits to support throughout his or her four years at secondary school.

For the donor, the maximum commitment is £80 per term – or £20 per month – for four years. £80 is sufficient to cover the cost of school fees, and a rucksack with books and stationery for the student at the start of each school year. The young person’s family are expected to meet the costs of transport and food or else the young person can work to raise the funds for this. In addition, sponsored students are expected to volunteer in the library at Mpemba during school holidays to encourage the younger children to read and inspire them to aim for secondary school.

Each sponsor will receive a formal report on their sponsored young person’s progress at the end of each academic year and will also be able to write to their student to offer encouragement and show interest in their education. Each student will be interviewed before sponsorship begins so that we can ascertain their aspirations and commitment to working hard while at secondary school and this process will be repeated at the end of each year.

Statistics have shown that a child who completes secondary education in Malawi is likely to earn £900 per annum, in contrast to £200 for a child who was only able to go to primary school. If you think that you could enable a young man or woman in Malawi to attend secondary school for four years, please contact Sara Goodman at