Kitchen Foundations being laid

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27 May

This is a wonderful picture showing how all of our donors generosity is being turned into bricks and mortar as we speak.  It is so exciting to see those lines of bricks etched out on the ground, and to think that in just a couple of months, there will be large pots of porridge boiling and hungry stomachs will be being filled.  The other amazing news is that our partners in this project, the charity From Wales, have managed to fund and build a  borehole near the school which means that we have a secure and healthy source of water for making the porridge.  The borehole is a massive boost to the school and the surrounding villages.  The school has been mobilising people to start to collect the wood needed for the cooking – this school is a long way away from the nearest electricity.  Thank you for making such a difference to the lives of the schoolchildren of Mpemba primary school.

Finally, our valiant cyclists are tucking into their bowls of pasta and preparing for this Friday’s adventure, so why not drop them some extra encouragement with another donation to provide porridge for the children at the school, you can encourage them on their way here

Looking forward to waving you off at Marble Arch 8.30pm on Friday