Adam is running 100 miles to kit out the lab at Hope

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07 Jun

Adam writes ‘I am running the South Downs Way 100 on 12th June! Why?…

Why not?

I love running and I’m also passionate about education, so I’m pleased to be able to put these two together and to help transform the learning environment of some of the poorest students in the world.

I would like to resource a science lab in a new rural secondary school in Malawi. Hope Secondary School opened in February and is funded and supported by Hope4Malawi. It is 5km from the main road down a dirt track. You can sponsor me here

Tables, stools, water supply, equipment and consumables are needed to improve the teaching and learning of biology, agriculture, geography, chemistry and physics.

Any amount you can give will encourage me and give the Hope students a great lab. We really appreciate all your support.

Hope4Malawi has already resourced a library at Hope with huge impact. For many of the students, it’s the first time they’ve had access to books.

Patrick says ‘I’m learning things about the world I’ve never known before’ ,

Winico says ‘After lessons I can come and look up things I didn’t understand. It makes a huge difference’.

As a teacher I know how important it is to have practical, visual learning to make things come alive and improve our learning experience.

My target is to raise enough to equip and resource the lab at Hope. Any additional donations will be put towards more curriculum text books for the library and desks for Form 2 students at Hope.

Hope4Malawi’s vision is that Hope Secondary School is transformational, providing such a good education that students are skilled and equipped to impact their own communities, to bring lasting development and change. For information about their other projects see

Students at Hope come from poor families where homes have no running water nor electricity. Often children live with one or no parents and several siblings in small two roomed dwellings with little furniture. Education is not a priority and seeking medical assistance is beyond the means of most families who often struggle to provide enough food for their families.

Yet as Nelson Mandela once said ‘Education is the most important weapon we can use to change the world’

A massive thank you for supporting me.

It will certainly keep me going, when the legs and feet are hurting, that together, we are making a difference to the lives of the students at Hope Secondary School.


You can support Adam and the students at Hope by giving your donation here