Malawi Minister of Education

The Minister of Education, Hon Agnes NyaLonje, yesterday said ‘Out of the 225,387 students who passed the 2019/20 examinations, a total of 84,947 candidates have been selected to start Form One in various secondary schools. This represents only 37.73% of those who passed the examination. This means that 140,440 eligible students have been left out. This is due to the severe shortage of secondary school spaces. It is for this reason that my Ministry has made construction of additional secondary schools a top priority.”

Although this is a major issue for the majority of the 140,000 students who did not get a secondary school place, we have to start somewhere. From February 2021 our new secondary school, Hope CDSS, will provide 59 new secondary school places this year. Built in partnership with @fishermansrestmalawi and Opening on 1 February, the school also means students have a shorter than 2 hour walk to get to school.

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