School Open, but no Phala

The schools have opened once again for a new school year. Due you a delay in examinations due to Covid-19, the school year has been pushed back from September to January. Unfortunately, this is not the only problem that currently exists. Additionally the schools are not allowed to feed the children Phala at the schools due to the pandemic. This means that many of the children turn up to school hungry and some do not even turn up at all. The students who do show up are likely to have lower attention spans and less ability to learn new information due to hunger and the potential onset of malnutrition – which could potentially stunt their growth. Although the government has implemented this scheme as a measure against Covid-19 it will potentially have irreversible effects on education and development due to a loss of cognitive function from a large portion of the future work-force if these programmes are not re-implemented into the schools.

Hope4Malawi has been able to give some Phala to some of the students and their families, 500 in total but this is significantly less than the number of students that were being fed from the 3 Feeding programmes that Hope4Malawi are funding.

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