A Bridge over the River at Chipwepwete

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During floods in 2015 the bridge over the river which children cross to get to school was destroyed.  Around 2/3 of the children who go to Chipwepwete Primary school have to cross the river.  When water levels are low they either wade across or use stepping stones. When it rains the water level rises very quickly so children cannot come to school and people are unable get to market, restricting the economic development of the surrounding villages.

The lack of a safe way to cross the river causes disruption at school. Attendance of children is affected which contributes to lower success in examinations.

Hope4Malawi would like to build a new bridge a Chipwepwete this year in conjunction with building the new Secondary School at Chipwepwete.

Can you help us to fund the building of the bridge with our partners, Fisherman’s Rest. It will cost £40,000. This will enable safe crossing of the river, ensuring more regular attendance at the primary, and also the new secondary school. Furthermore villagers will be able to have continuous access to the market and work.  You can help by donating here