The Difference a Bicycle Makes

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For teachers at Chipwepwete Primary School, the walk to school is challenging.  The school is 4.7km from the main tar road and there are only two teacher houses at the school. For the 7 teachers who live near the market by the tar road, arriving at school by 7.15am is challenging, particularly in the rainy season or when it is very hot.  Most have left their homes well before 6am and arrive home late in the afternoon.

This April that all changed.  With funding from Trinity School Croydon, Hope4Malawi have purchased bikes for Chipwepwete which are being used by the teachers.  The joy and transformation is huge.  Travel times have been reduced to a quarter of what they were.  The teachers spent an afternoon being taught how to maintain their bikes and are committed to repair them.

Headteacher, Haji, has reported that ‘All teachers are now arriving at school by 7am ready to start teaching and teachers are no longer missing days because they are too tired’.  Haji is expecting his will have a big ongoing positive impact on school attendance and punctuality of the children at the school as well.

Thank you Trinity School for raising funds for this project – the first such project in the district.