Builiding Hope Secondary School

Only 10% of children in Malawi currently complete secondary education. Thus, very few people learn sufficient English or develop skills which would enable them to work in any other capacity beyond growing enough food for their families.

For those selected to go to secondary school, like fifteen year old Lucky who walks an hour and a half to school, there are over 70 children in each class. There are very few books or other resources and no electricity or IT provision.

Children are selected to secondary school based on results of the end of primary, standard 8 examinations. Currently there are only enough secondary school places for 20% of children in standard 8.  Children who are not selected to government secondary schools have to find work which is usually lowly paid.  Most of the girls will get married and have children.

We are partnering with the Ministry of Education to develop a school at Mabala village, which creates 60 additional places a year for those who pass the standard 8 exams. Most of these students would otherwise not have a secondary school education.

Hope CDSS is a government run secondary school with government teachers, which is supported by Hope4Malawi.

The school is open but not yet complete. You can partner with us to shape these children’s future. Please help us to improve education and give hope to individual children in one of the poorest countries in the world.

The project has four phases.  We are currently in phase 2.  We have a great working school but still a huge opportunity to develop.

Phase 1 is now complete. The school infrastructure for one form entry has has been built: 4 classrooms, a science block, an administration, 2 student toilet blocks and 3 teacher houses.

Phase 2 is in progress. This involves landscaping, moving the dirt road, making a football pitch and netball court, providing solar power and equipping the science lab, computer lab and library.

Phase 3 includes building more teacher housing and a assembly hall

Phase 4 will increase the school enrollment from maximum of 240 pupils to 480 pupils with 2 form entry.  We will build 2 additional classroom blocks and 2 further blocks of student toilets

Please partner with us and help to provide a great education for some of the poorest children in the world. You can give your gift here

All charity running costs are covered by the Hope4Malawi Trustees and there are no salary costs so all donations will be used to provide education for children in Malawi