Mpemba School Library and Reading Project

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What have you read this week? Newspapers, magazines, a novel, a text book, an instruction manual, your kindle, internet……..imagine life without any of these; imagine life not being able to read. That is the reality for 40% of the adults in Malawi.  That’s because many haven’t been to school and most haven’t had access to books and reading materials.

The Hope4Malawi team visiting Mpemba School in Summer 2013 were moved by both the lack of books in the school and the incredible hunger for reading which the children showed.   The older children were so keen to learn that they came to school in the holidays to have lessons with us and to take part in some reading activities.

In the summer of 2014 we were able to fund the building of a 3 room teaching block for the school.  This has 2 much needed classrooms and a secure library.  Currently 4 of the twelve classes (over 100 children in a class!) have to sit outside so the additional 2 classrooms are a huge benefit. The library  provides books for the children who are desperate to read but have not had access to books either at school or home.

A minibus full of books was shipped to Malawi in June 2014 whilst the building progressed at the school.   A small team from Hope4Malawi visited  at the end of June 2014 to finish the library,  stock it with books, start reading programs with the children and open the library.  See a Video of the Library Opening here.  

We have also employed a librarian to run the library and to provide literacy support at Mpemba.

Providing something as simple as a library improves literacy; improves education; and so improves the economic prospects for the future breadwinners – a route for families out of the poverty cycle.