Nkhwangwa Transformed

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Life in the Village of Nkhwangwa in southern Malawi has been transformed in 2011.  Smiles are seen on the faces of villagers as they collect water from the nearby borehole. With your help we were able to send the £6000 needed to build the borehole. The provision of this borehole has brought life into the village and villages around.

The impact has been even greater than we expected with no outbreaks of Cholera during the last dry season .

Health has improved dramatically; worms, bilhartzia, diarrhoea and other  stomach related illnesses have reduced, and children are more protected from river blindness.

Children are able to collect water before school rather than walk several kilometres for it. They at last have hope of a good education  and can enjoy learning with their peers.

Thank you for the numerous ways you were part of this amazing transformation.