Nutritious meals for school children

Transforming the lives of children in Primary Schools

Lunch and a means to cook is not a big deal to us, but for those in Malawi, Southern Africa, where the average wage is $1 a day, many children go for days without a nutritious meal.

It costs just £12.50 per child per year to provide school lunches, a mug of nutritious porridge. You can provide a child with school meals here

That’s why we are involved in Mpemba, Chipwepwete and Namemde schools, in a rural district south of Blantyre   The kitchen at Mpemba was completed in 2013 and a feeding programme started at that time.  In July 2015 the kitchen at Chipweptwete was opened after a feeding programme was started from a temporary shelter at the beginning of 2015. A feeding programme at Namende was launched in September 2018 and a kitchen completed in 2019

We are now providing 3,200 school meals each day for the children in these two schools.

Having a decent meal every day bring hope and is transformational, both in the short term and for the long term development of the area. It enables each child to benefit from:

Please provide a meal for a child here

All charity running costs are covered by the Hope4Malawi Trustees and there are no salary costs so all donations given to this project will be used to provide school lunches for  the children at Mpemba, Chipwepwete and Namende Schools.

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Water brings Life

Your help can mean the difference between life and death for thousands of people and livestock.

Four thousand children die every day from diseases caused by unsafe water and sanitation. However life can be transformed by a clean water supply.  In Malawi, most of the Northern areas of the country now have boreholes which provide clean water; however in the South of the Country where Hope4Malawi is working, many of the villages still do not have access to clean water.  Villagers either have to walk hours each day to the nearest borehole for clean water or resort to using dirty water from streams and pools.

That is why we would like to raise money to build a borehole this year.

Boreholes in this part of the country cost about £6,000 to construct. They are dug 40m into the ground which provides year-round clean water for the villagers and ensures it does not run out.

In Malawi, the high mortality rate among children under five years old is partly due to waterborne diseases such as gastroenteritis, diarrhoea, and amoebic dysentery, to name just a few.

Contamination from human and livestock waste is also a major cause of water-related diseases. Flies and other disease-carrying insects are drawn to unsanitary water sites and compound the risk of infection and river blindness.

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Empowering the next generation

Providing education opportunities for Children

Children in Malawi receive free education at primary level up to to end of year 8.  However Schools are under resourced with class sizes often over 100.  In addition there are very few text books and often no reading books.  In many schools children sit on the floor and in larger schools some classes will be outside under trees as there are not enough classrooms.

Hope4Malawi has developed links with 3 primary schools near Blantyre; Mpemba, Chipweptwete  and Namemde, with the aim of improving the educational standard of children by providing school lunches, classroom with desks, fully resourced libraries, text books, solar lamps etc

Due to the development projects more children are now passing the exams at the end of standard 8. Bright students who do exceptionally well in government exams are selected to District and National secondary schools. Secondary education in district and national schools is £80 – £120 a term, an amount most Malawians can not afford.  After school, securing an apprenticeship or further vocational training or higher education is financially unattainable without help.

Hope4Malawi has a sponsorship scheme whereby children and young adults can benefit from secondary education and further training/higher education, now sponsoring 45 students at district and national secondary school. 48 children from Mpemba and surrounding primary schools are now being sponsored by Hope4Malawi.

You could make a real difference by sponsoring a child through secondary school or a young person embarking on vocational training.

To find out further how you can sponsor a child or young adult please email Sara at  


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Health & Sanitation

Improving the lives of girls and women

Bringing improved opportunities for girls and women in rural Malawi

Many girls in Malawi drop out of school when they reach puberty, due to cultural pressures of early marriage, pregnancy and often poor sanitary materials.

Project MyGirl is a programme aimed to help teenage girls in Malawi stay in school by educating them in issues of adolescent development, health, sex education, and cultural myths & beliefs.

Teaching is centred on identity, and addresses some of the unhelpful cultural customs in Malawi and aims to empower girls to have the courage to make a difference in their communities.

Project MyBoy also teaches health and sex education and addresses some of the cultural values underlying how boys treat girls in Malawi and helps them develop respect for the girl

Hope4Malawi began the programme in 2015 at Mpemba and Chipwepwete primary schools and have supported these schools with follow ups and repeated programmes since.  At both schools the attendance rate for girls was significantly greater than in the previous year and the drop out rate of girls had reduced.  We have also run the programme in other schools including in 2019, Namende.

We would like to develop this programme further by extending the teaching material content and by delivering the programme in other schools.  We would also like to run MyBoy at the same time as MyGirl and develop the programme so some sessions take place with both boys and girls.

Watch a video about  Project My Girl.  It costs £15 to deliver the programme and provide a sanitary pack for each girl.   If you want to help with this project please donate here.


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