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All about Hope4Malawi

Malawi is one of the world’s least developed countries.  Seventy-five per cent of the population earn less than £2 a day and more than 10% regularly go short of food.


Hope4Malawi was founded by Sara and Mark Goodman. Following a visit to Malawi with their family in 2008, they were impacted by the number of bright, ambitious children they met who lacked opportunity.

Sara and Mark started by working with local partners to fund feeding programmes, raising funds for classroom and library buildings and by providing books for new libraries. 


As a result, more children from poor rural communities started to be selected for secondary school education, which they could not afford to attend. So Hope4Malawi began a sponsorship programme, providing an opportunity for these students to have a secondary education.

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Since 2021, Hope4Malawi’s focus has been centred on developing Hope Secondary School in Mabala village, T/A Somba, by providing infrastructure, staff support and resources.


In addition, we want to ensure that students being selected to Hope are well prepared for secondary school, Therefore Hope4Malawi is working to improve and develop Hope’s four feeder primary schools - Chipwepwete, Tapani, Chimwemwe and Mafunde.  We also continue our partnership with Mpemba FP.

All these schools are government-run schools so we work in partnership with the Ministry of Education, and with community chiefs, ward councillors and other local partners.

We continue to provide the funding for feeding programmes for over 3,200 pupils in three primary schools. These programmes are delivered and monitored by our local partner, Fisherman’s Rest Community Projects.

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Hope4Malawi now partners with five Government rural primary schools and has provided 7 classrooms, 2 libraries, 3 toilet blocks, a staff room and a reading room. We have also provided these schools with text books and solar lamps for reading at night. Additionally, we have recently funded the building of Hope Community Day Secondary School. 

We sponsor 52 students at National and District schools and 42 students who attend Hope Secondary School.  We have one current tertiary sponsorship programme and have completed two other successful tertiary education sponsorships


Additionally, we partner with the Malawi Learning Partnership (MLP) in the development of primary and secondary school lessons available through smart phones. We are running a pilot scheme at Chipwepwete primary school to test the effectiveness of the mobile app.


None of this work would be possible without the incredible commitment of our supporters and volunteers, or those committed individuals who provide regular and one-off gifts, schools, churches and businesses. 


We are also so grateful to our fantastic fundraisers who run marathons, cycle, read, and do other sponsored events to raise funds. People like comedian Tim Vine, who host events, also make it possible to continue the great work.


Thank you to everyone involved who has enabled us to help one of the poorest communities in the world. Whether you give, pray, volunteer or fundraise, your support, however big or small, makes a huge difference.

Hope4Malawi policies

Hope4Malawi takes safeguarding seriously, in line with the Charity Commission’s advice. We take steps to ensure child care/vulnerable adult protection through DBS checks in the UK, and police statements in Malawi. You can read our Data Protection Policy here

All UK fundraising and administration costs, including Trustees' trip costs, are covered by our Trustees, so 100% of all donations go directly towards development in Malawi to enable children there to have a better future.

Meet the Trustees



Mark has a heart to see Malawians leave the poverty trap. This passion comes from visits when he helped in schools, orphanages and community centres.  He is a retired chartered accountant.



Sara's love of Africa started in Zimbabwe where she ran relationship seminars for teenagers. She longs to give Africans the opportunities to achieve their God given potential. She is a photographer and accountant.



It is a privilege to be involved in Hope4Malawi – my heart is to help bring to those, less fortunate than I, a hope for the future and support them both practically and spiritually. I am a teacher by profession and specifically help children with dyslexia.



Gerry is excited to be involved in Hope4Malawi as he wishes to help improve and make a difference to the lives of Malawians, both young and old. He is a retired chartered surveyor having worked all his life in the family firm.

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