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Opportunities for further education


Why sponsor?

Only 20 per cent of children in Malawi go to secondary school. And this percentage is much lower in rural areas.  Poor families often cannot afford the fees and costs of a secondary school education, so children and communities miss out.

Hope4Malawi's sponsorship schemes provide the opportunity for bright, hard working students to receive secondary and tertiary education, giving them the opportunity to reach their potential.

Statistics show that a child who completes secondary education in Malawi is likely to earn enough to escape the poverty trap.

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How can you help?

Sponsor a student at National or

District School

Sponsor a student at Hope CDSS

Sponsor beyond Secondary School

Their future starts today

Sponsoring students at National and District schools

Able students from primary schools are selected to continue their education at District and National boarding or day Secondary Schools, some of the best schools in the country. These are for the top students in Malawi. The fees, transport and other educational costs of around £100 a term are well beyond the reach of their families.

Hope4Malawi supports 52 students at 8 district and national schools.  One secondary schools headteacher says, "We are very grateful to Hope4Malawi, not just because you pay fees but you also support the students in other ways too."


Sponsorship enables a more personal link to students in Malawi as you can write to - and receive letters from - your sponsored student and encourage them in their education.


Please consider providing sponsorship for a secondary school student to enable them to have a secondary education and reach their potential.


Students in our scheme are grateful for the opportunity given to them. As Philip says, "Thank you for sponsoring me. There are others who are selected but cannot go, please support them too."


Hope Secondary sponsorship

Hope Secondary School opened in February 2021 providing places for 60 students a year who would not otherwise have the opportunity to go to secondary school. The school is 7km from the nearest tarmac road, and the next nearest secondary school.


Most of the children at Hope are from poor families who struggle to provide school fees, uniform, exercise books and stationery. In fact, many students work as well as attend school to help provide basic necessities for their families. Some parents do not value education so would rather their children work rather than attend school.  Although Hope works with parents to help them change this view there is still need to sponsor students from these families.

Could you help a student at Hope receive a great education? Sponsorship is £20 a month for four years. It has a life changing impact on a young person.

University sponsorship

Congratulations to Leon. After five years at university, he was awarded his 1st class degree by the President of Malawi in April 2021. Leon is now working for an engineering firm in Lilongwe. 


Hope4Malawi sponsored Leon through his years at university in Blantyre. He comes from a rural village in Malawi and would have otherwise struggled to have the funds to go to university.

Leon says, "It's not only about the financial support but the moral, mental and spiritual support. I find joy in the fact that I know I can always turn to you for wisdom and advice. I am eternally grateful."

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Chrissy is the first girl from her secondary school to be selected for a place at University. She started at Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) in February 2021. 


In her holidays, Chrissy works as a teaching assistant at Chipwepwete primary school in a role funded by Hope4Malawi. She is hopeful of becoming a teacher when she finishes university.


Chrissy is also the first girl from her village to go to university.  She lives with her mum and sister. Her secondary school years were tough, as both she and her mother were put under pressure for her to be married, rather than go to school. 


We are delighted to be able to support Chrissy and reward her mum's determination. She now studies at university and is a role model for an alternative future for the girls in her village.​​

Some of the students in our National and District Sponsorship Programme sit their end of school exams (MCE) in October.  We hope that a number of them will be offered a place at university. If you benefited from university education and want to pay it forward, please consider providing a donation to our university fund.  Both lump sums and monthly amounts can be given.  University fees, accommodation and living costs are around £1,500 a year.

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