Improving learning environments


Resourcing Teachers and Students

A well-resourced school enables every child to attend and thrive.  Feeding programs improve attendance and help concentration, whilst books to study, read and borrow improves knowledge and learning.  Improving the environment with desks and supporting teachers creates a great learning environment. Developing E-learning opens opportunities for teaching and learning 'Hope and excellence drive Development!

Food for the Body

Feeding Programme Plus

Lunch and a means to cook is not a big deal to us, but for those in Malawi, Southern Africa, where the average wage is £2 a day, many children go for days without a nutritious meal. In addition to that, many children do not have enough exercise books and pens to be able to learn to write and make good notes in class.

It costs just £15 per child per year to provide breakfast, a mug of nutritious porridge, and exercise books and pens so that a child can get the most out of school.

That’s why we partner with Hope4Development in Malawi to provide 'Feeding Programme Plus' for children at our partner schools in rural Blantyre.  

Having a nutritious meal every day and enough school resources brings hope and is transformational, both in the short term and for the long term development of the area. The impact is:

  • More children enrolled at school 

  • An improvement in concentration and the ability to learn

  • Greater success at school


Please help us to provide school meals and resources for more children in rural primary schools.


Food for the Mind

Providing School Resources


Schools in rural Malawi are under resourced. Most schools don't have enough school desks, chairs, text books, reading books and teaching aids. Most have no digital learning.


Providing resources makes an enormous difference to both teachers and students and improves the success of students at school.


In schools like Chipwepwete and Mpemba, where we have already provided these resources, teachers are more motivated and learners enjoy school and perform better

This year we aim to provide 200 desks for students at Tapani, Chipwepwete or Mafunde primary schools. Please consider funding a desk for a child who currently sits on the floor.

Food for the Soul

Providing assemblies and clubs

We care for every learner irrespective of their faith.  We want each learner to grow up knowing they have an important role in their community, and that they grow to be adults of integrity who are honest and loving. We also want to help children to grow in confidence so they can bring positive change and development to their communities. 


We facilitate assemblies and clubs in schools which build these qualities.  As Christians, we believe that Jesus brings salvation and provides us with his Holy Spirit that means that we can live this kind of life.

We also help school communities address gender issues and role models with a particular focus on helping girls to attend school in environments where early marriage and teenage pregnancy is prevalent, and menstruation is a taboo subject.


Food for the Body

Resourcing Teachers

Teachers working in rural schools often have long distances to walk each day on difficult terrain.  For instance Chipwepwete school is 5km from the nearest tar road and market where most teachers live. Getting to school is challenging and tiring.  taking them over 2 hours each way to walk.
Seven teachers at Chipwepwete Primary now have bicycles funded by one of our partners, Trinity School, Croydon.
The bikes have already had a huge impact on the teachers who now arrive on time in the mornings and don’t miss school. This also has an impact on student punctuality, which should also positively affect learning and performance.

We would like to provide bikes for teachers at other remote schools who live a long way from school.

Food for the Mind

E-Learning and computers

The massive disruption in education caused by covid-19 hits rural communities the hardest. Most learners have no access to on-line learning and few have text books at home.


Malawi Learning Partnership has developed an app which, when complete, will enable access to the entire Malawi primary curriculum. With videos and slideshows from Malawian teachers, quizzes, diagrams and illustrations, the app makes learning interesting and accessible to children when they are not in school.

We are excited to partner with Malawi Learning Partnership and the Ministry of Education in Malawi to bring learning to children in a new way. 

The app can be used in under resourced schools so children can continue with their education despite a lack of teachers or as a revision tool.

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