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Covid19 in Malawi

The fear of covid19 here in Malawi is enormous. With most people living on the little they earn each day, and with no support from government, lock down may cause as many problems as it tries to solve.  Please help us ensure vulnerable families get the assistance they need during this time by donating here

The government strategy so far has been prevention; restricted movement, washing hands, social distancing and general hygiene.

Schools are closed so for most children in rural areas this means no education. Families do not have smart phones let alone internet access, radios and TVs so remote learning is impossible. Few children even have books at home.

The government have put some secondary school curriculum based material on line for which we are currently working out how best to get to children we sponsor at secondary school. We are also providing additioanl text books and question papers for our sponsored 48 students

Our response here in Malawi is four-fold:

  1. Providing soap and cleaning materials to building staff and their families

  2. Providing maize, soap and other essentials for vulnerable families. We are working with the Headteachers and village development committees to achieve this

  3. Providing additional books and teaching resources to secondary school students and primary school children at the schools we partner with.

  4. With our partner, Fisherman’s Rest, distributing Phala (the maized based flour we use for feeding programmes) to families in the communities of the schools we support

Any size donation will help us provide additional support for the people we work with.  Please donate here. Thank you for your generosity.

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