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Help change a child's life

Selina, a form 1 student says that ‘Having the library and being able to borrow novels has helped me to improve my English dramatically’. It was wonderful to have conversations with the students in English which was difficult during our previous visit.

Additional English lessons, as part of the sponsorship programme has helped students significantly. Overall, the students’ performance in other subjects, all taught in English, has also improved. This video shows Patrick’s home and his appreciation of the focused English week. We plan to provide this during the next holiday too.

Sponsorship at Hope enables students from particularly poor families to attend secondary school with provision of fees and school resources. It also means we can fund clubs, resource the science block and provide additional teaching provision in the holidays.

In January another 60 students will be selected to start at Hope. Many of these will be from poor families with parents who have not been educated. They will struggle to find the resources for their children to attend. Please can you consider sponsoring a student at Hope or in our national and district secondary school sponsorship programme?

Sponsorship costs £20 -£30 a month, depending on the school, and is the difference between having a secondary education and having to go out to work. With only 6% of Malawian children actually finishing secondary school, you will make a huge difference to these bright students’ futures.

Please email for more information

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