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Helping vulnerable families during Covid19

Help us support vulnerable people in Malawi during school lock down and restrictions.  Please give your gift here.

This week we have been distributing flour to vulnerable families in the communities we support. Although there is currently no lock down in Malawi, schools have been closed since 20th March.  Our normal feeding programmes, where in partnership with Fisherman’s Rest Community Projects, we provide school meals for 3,200 in 3 primary schools in rural Blantyre, are not able to run.  We are therefore distributing the phala (fortified maize based flour) in 5kg bags to vulnerable children in the villages.  Keeping social distance and ensuring adequate hand washing is difficult in the villages, and so as part of the distribution we also talked about the ways in which families can keep safe

In these rural parts of Malawi most people struggle to provide enough food for their families and so very few children have three meals a day.  Some will have only one meal and this often maize and beans.  In a time when work is also in shorter supply, there is even more pressure on families to provide for their children.

At one school, Mpemba, which we have supported for seven years, the head told the community that ‘the phala has saved lives’. A sobering truth.

You can support a vulnerable family by providing phala and soap here and make a difference in one of the poorest countries in the world

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