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Lighting up Mpemba and Chipwepwete

Children at Chipwepwete and Mpemba don’t have electricity at school or at home.  When they finish school in the afternoon they do chores at home including fetching water and wood, helping in the the maize fields and cooking.  There is very little time to read or study before the sun goes down at 6pm.  After that they have no light to see to read or study.

That’s why Hope4Malawi, along with our partners St Paul’s Howell Hill and Trinity School, Croydon have provided solar lamps for the school libraries so that children can borrow a lamp when they borrow a book .  The children in standard 8 were particularly excited as they have their end of school exams in May and are keen to work in the evenings.  These exams will determine whether they have a place at secondary school.

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