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Prep School Raises Funds for Feeding Programme

St David’s Prep in West Wickham has raised funds to provide over 240 children in Malawi with school lunches for a whole year.  The astonishing enthusiasm and commitment of the children in the last couple of months is extraordinary.

When Alice was asked what motivated her to raise over £300, she said she had imagined herself as one of the children in Malawi coming to school hungry and how she would feel sitting on the floor in a big class with nothing to eat. Isabelle felt it was unfair that we have all the stuff we want and more yet children in Malawi don’t even have what they need.  She and her sister Ava made cakes which their dad sold at work raising over £150.

Other ways the children at St David’s raised the funds included singing carols, running a mini bingo evening, giving their pocket money, and doing extra chores around their homes.  Lotte sold some of her dresses which were too small for her.  It’s wonderful that these young children care about children 5,000 miles away whom they don’t know but can identify with.  Thank you everyone for your hard work, time and effort.

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