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Primary school children plant trees

Thrilled primary school children were shown around the new secondary school today.  We were hoping to inspire them to finish their primary education and work hard so they are selected to secondary school.  Many children drop out of school between year 6 and 8, for many reasons including the desire of families to have them work in the field, their need to learn in English, lack of funds to pay fees and buy resources, and even early marriages for the girls.  Another reason is the lack of secondary school places available even if chidren do stay in primary school.  How disppointing it must be if you have stayed in primary, worked hard, and passed the exams at the end of standard 8 only to be told you don’t have a place. Hope secondary school will have places for 50 children from this September.  During the visit, children chose a recently planted tree to look after and water.  They were thrilled to have the oppotunity to care for a tree and determined that they would see the tree grow when they are at secondary school.

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