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Relief and Rebuilding in Malawi

You can give to the the relief and rebuilding efforts in Malawi here: Thank you for your generosity.

Many people have asked how the cyclone has affected the area where Hope4Malawi works in Malawi.  Thank you for your concern.  We were in Malawi as the cyclone was moving it’s way across Mozambique.  It was a worrying time for everyone as the week before we had experienced torrential rain for 4 full days, which had caused widespread flooding in Malawi.

Malawi suffered the approach effects of the cyclone but was spared the additional devastation of the cyclone landfall which fell on Mozambique.

We know of several people who sadly lost their lives including a local primary education inspector and the mother and father in law of the librarian at Chipwepwete school.  Homes were destroyed or damaged and the floods have left water contaminated and crops destroyed.  Hundreds have lost their livelihoods.  In the valley south of where we work, most districts have lost their crops and thousands of people have fled their homes. There is a high risk of disease as hundreds of water points are damaged and water contaminated.

Our partner, Fisherman’s Rest, is partnering with Medecins Sans Frontieres to repair boreholes.  They started this work today.  80 water points have been identified in one region which need to be fixed.  Fisherman’s Rest will also provide maize and help communities return to their villages.  They will then help staff and people local to Fisherman’s rest to rebuild their houses.

There are several relief organisations working in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe which need our support.  However, if you would like to support the relief and rebuilding work which Fisherman’s Rest are undertaking in Malawi you can donate here through Hope4Malawi. 100% of your donation will be used for the relief and rebuilding work in Malawi.

Thank you for your generosity.

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