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Team Goes to work at Chipepwete

Today the adventure begins for a great team of 15 from St Paul’s church travel to Malawi to work in Chipepwete school and to run a pastors conference in the surrounding villages.  The team will help finish the library, paint it, put shelves up and resource it with all the books which are currently on a minibus travelling to Blantyre.  The library is due to be opened on 12 July.  Follow: us during the next few weeks on facebook

The team: Ken Hobbs, Margaret Hobbs, Chris Harper, Mary Harper, David Kellett, Alison Tombs, Toby Ahern, Ellie Thomas Steer, Addy Mettrick, Stephen Wells, Sam Goodman, Josh Caulcrick, Alex Douglas, Joel Spaxman and Sara Goodman

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