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The MLP App – Teaching the Nation

An exciting new way to help students to engage more widely with learning in Malawi is the development of an app. Chris Scutt, who has taught and been involved in education in Malawi for over 10 years, has developed the MLP app, which Hope4Malawi is partnering with, to bring the Malawi curriculum to children in rural schools.

The app will provide videoed lessons by Malawian teachers along with other lesson content, illustrations and quizes.  Each subject will mirror the primary school curriculum so that children can recap on lessons taught or catch up on ones missed.

Most students in the rural communities do not have access to phones so we are working with schools to develop ways that they can use the app.

Currently we are in the process of creating lesson content for the app. Although all involved, including teachers, are volunteering their time, we are covering the costs of travel, refreshments and resources.  We are raising funds to cover these costs as well as for much needed phones so the app can be used in schools.  Please support this exciting new project here.

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