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The realities of school life in Malawi

On a recent ‘team visit’ to Malawi, the Lott family from the UK visited local rural communities to understand the difficulties of getting to school. They provided resources for Hope4Malawi’s sponsored students and visited schools to support learners.

It was an opportunity to understand the challenges faced in everyday life and a reminder of the relative luxury afforded to many people living in the UK.

In Malawi, you won’t see parent pick-ups and drop-offs for school students in the rural community. Many children have long walks to school and back, crossing rough terrain and rivers. It's always good to help these children stay resilient and encouraged, as gaining an education can make a big difference in their lives.  

The visit enabled the Lotts to get involved and gain insight into Hope4Malawi at work. At Chipwepwete and Chimwembe Primary Schools they delighted the children by joining in phonics games, helping to improve literacy.


Can you help a child in Malawi?

Thanks to the kind support of our partners, sponsors, fundraisers and volunteers, Hope4Malawi's school building, resourcing projects and student sponsorships continue to provide life-changing opportunities for children growing up in rural Malawi.

For further information and ways to get involved, please contact.

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