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A quick dip?

Its 7 am, its the 18th May, just outside Slough and its COLD (well it is the UK)! So what on earth are some of the Malawi team doing dressed in wet-suits  huddled together for a photo. Well this could either be some weird kind of team bonding exercise, an effort to acclimatize to the temperature we shall face in Malawi or is there a plan!?

Well ….. the plan is that the younger members of the team (Alex, Josh, Hannah, Adam, Sam, Joel, Hannah and Luke) will be taking part in a Triathlon on 7th July. Which means they need to get used to swimming in a lake! So team bonding yes, but with a purpose as they are raising money for gifts and resources for the people of Malawi.

They will be open water swimming,  jumping on a bike and then running – for the glory of taking part or winning (you can dream!), well yes, but mostly to make a difference.  Please see  for more information or to sponsor us. Thank you.

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