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Lighting up Hope Skills Centre

THE new Hope Skills Centre is now a hub of activity, providing multifunctional work and social spaces for students and visitors. As vocational education is limited in rural Malawi, this much-needed training and skills development centre is a lifeline for the local community.


In addition to the training centre, facilities include a meeting space and a café, and Hope4Development’s offices and stores are on-site.


Being located in a rural area means that learning opportunities and communications are curtailed once it gets dark. In November 2023, that all changed. Solar panels and batteries were fitted on site to provide power for lighting and computers and to use training aids like projectors, printers and mobile phones.

Electricity makes a huge difference and allows students more time to continue their studies.

Courses held at the centre equip school leavers with the skills to gain employment, work in trades, or start businesses, and also enable local people to upskill through education and training. Additionally, the centre is a place where young people can develop their character and faith.


Can you help a child in Malawi?

Thanks to the kind support of our partners, sponsors, fundraisers and volunteers, Hope4Malawi's building, resourcing projects and student sponsorships continue to provide life-changing opportunities for children growing up in rural Malawi.

For further information and ways to get involved, please contact us.

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