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Assembly at Trinity School

The Trinity Headmaster writes in his weekly Newsletter:

Brothers Sam (4th Year) and Joel Goodman (1st Year) presented a superb assembly this week, one which I hope will live in the minds of many who saw it for a long time afterwards, about the charity Hope4Malawi. This charity has raised funds, with the help of Trinity pupils, to build a kitchen in Mpemba school, a primary school of 1600 children. It may surprise you to learn that it only costs £7 to provide a school dinner for one child, every day, for a whole year in Malawi. This is no misprint: £7 for an entire year’s worth of school dinner, for one child. As Sam and Joel suggested, in their thoughtful presentation, many of us can spend that in a single lunchtime and not really know where it has gone. Since Sam and Joel’s assembly, a lot of boys have been asking how they could get involved immediately. So they have started a “£7 Challenge”. More details can be found here:

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