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Back to school at Hope Secondary

THE new academic year began in Malawi on September 11th, 2023. At Hope Secondary School, 50 new students were excited to start their journeys in Form 1. At the same time, the school’s first students to start secondary education began their final Form 4 year. What a difference those years have made!

The new Hope Secondary School has been a significant build and development project for Hope4Malawi. Thanks to the chance of secondary education, more children from poor households can escape the poverty trap and look forward to a brighter future.

The school has four classrooms, a library, science and computer labs, teacher housing, offices and a staff room. There is also solar power so the children can learn how to use computers, kindly donated by UK companies.

Hope Secondary is the only school in the area to offer computer studies as part of the curriculum.

Hope4Malawi provides a librarian who runs a well-stocked library where children can find text, reference and fiction books. Additionally, teachers at the school are supported, encouraged and motivated to raise the bar and achieve higher standards.

The school provides 50 additional places each year for primary learners, with much-needed places for children from Hope4Malawi’s four partner primary schools. With even more children passing entrance exams to secondary school, Hope4Malawi is now in discussions with the Government about extending the school.

Many students at Hope Secondary are from families that cannot afford to put a meal on the table every day. So, the pressures to provide school fees, uniforms, stationery and resources are overwhelming. Hope4Malawi supports 15 students in the school’s four forms whose families could not otherwise afford the fees and provides uniforms and resources for all the students at the school.


Can you help a child in Malawi?

Thanks to the kind support of our partners, sponsors, fundraisers and volunteers, Hope4Malawi's school building, resourcing projects and student sponsorships continue to provide life-changing opportunities for children growing up in rural Malawi.

For further information and ways to get involved, please contact us.

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