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Celebrations as classrooms and library open

IMAGINE trying to learn and concentrate at school in an outdoor classroom, with over 150 other children in the same lesson! That’s how it was for primary-age children attending Tapani School. But now things have changed and there’s real hope for a better future.

Hope4Malawi, in partnership with Malawian NGO Hope4Development, has recently completed a new classroom block at Tapani school, providing two additional much-needed indoor classrooms with desks and a library equipped with textbooks, reading and reference books.

There were jubilant celebrations when the new classroom block was opened recently by Paul Chipanda, Director of Education in Blantyre. He said: “School is very, very important because it is a key for development.”

It was a very proud moment for the Hope4Malawi team, and everyone involved.

The school is located in a highly remote area, 10km from the tar road. Previously there were only four covered classrooms for over 600 primary-age learners. All other classes were taken outside – open to the elements. And if it rained, learning had to stop.

Classes were very overcrowded and books were hard to find. Now the new classrooms house years 7 and 8. And only two classes work outside.

The new facilities and resources offer a vastly improved learning environment – and greater opportunities for the children to progress to secondary education.


Can you help a child in Malawi?

Thanks to the kind support of our partners, sponsors, fundraisers and volunteers, Hope4Malawi's school building, resourcing projects and student sponsorships continue to provide life-changing opportunities for children growing up in rural Malawi.

For information about the latest projects, and ways to get involved, please contact us.

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