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Cuddington Croft, Cheam provides school dinners for children at Mpemba School, Blantyre

On Friday 3rd May Luke and Hannah Wainwright led the whole school assembly at their primary school, telling their fellow pupils about  Hope4Malawi. They explained how they are visiting Malawi this summer as part of a team and will be working in Mpemba school, visiting an Orphanage and leading a Pastor’s conference. They particularly explained the kitchen project at Mpemba. Later that day all the children were given a small pot with a few sweets in. The sweets were for them and they were challenged to then collect some money in the empty pot and return it to school this Friday.

The children returned their pots yesterday with an amazing amount of £855,  enough to feed 122 children for a whole year at Mpemba.  Thank you so much everybody.

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