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Mpemba Kitchen Official Opening on 6th August

It was a humbling experience to be at the official opening of the kitchen at Mpemba school, near Blantyre.  A day I will never forget and still brings a lump to my throat.  The impact in this community will be significant and long term; deeply impacting for a community stuck in a poverty cycle I find so difficult to comprehend; far more complex than I had imagined.  The gratitude overwhelmed me; these people had only dreamed of this day; then toiled to make the bricks and watch the building that would feed 1,600 chidlren in the community grow and grow and then decorated with stunning logos.  On 6th August they  dressed up in their best attire to come and fetch water; carry wood; light stoves; stir porridge; serve it in hot buckets to eager children; wash up; clear away ; toiling with delight and praise.  So humbling to be a part of.  ‘Thank you’ doesn’t really adequately say what was expressed by so many that day to all who made it possible.

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