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Top marks at Mpemba Primary

Mpemba Primary School students have achieved their best results and the school has performed better than other schools in the area.  Three boys have gained places at top national secondary schools havng scored over 90% in their recent exams. In addition several boys and girls gained places at local secondary schools.  Since only 20% of all Malawians currently go to secondary school this is a remarkable achievement.

These students are obviously bright.  However, staff at the school are attributing the improvement in results to the resources the school now has: the library (opened in 2015) and feeding prgramme  which started in 2013, and to the support that the librarian Peter gives to both students and teachers.

It is thrilling to see the fruit of these projects which many of you support.  Thank you for your ongoing commitment.

Now, students who are bright and diligent, have the opportunity to perform well and achieve great results and

Although primary education is free in Malawi, secondary school is not.  Many of these children come from poor families who can not afford the school fees.

Hope4Malawi would like to set up a fund which will allow these children and others in the future to attend secondary school.  If you would like to contribute to this fund please donate here or if you would like to support an individual child in secondary or tertiary education please contact Sara

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