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Raising standards for primary school learners

RECENT results from primary school exams have been released - and there's some great news! Chipwepwete Primary, a school Hope4Malawi has partnered with since 2015, has had its best results ever.

It's the first time a student has been selected for a district boarding school. Plus 18 out of 22 other students have been selected for secondary education at Hope Secondary School.

Many of the children at Chipwepwete, and our other partner schools, come from very poor households where most don't have a regular source of income. To put food on the table there are many pressures to earn money, rather than learn.

Thanks to so many kind donations from our partners, supporters and fundraising friends, Hope4Malawi has been able to make a big difference for many of these children by providing Phala meals and other resources at these schools.

Hope4Malawi's feeding programmes provide over 2,000 children with a school meal each day, which helps to improve attendance, concentration, health and wellbeing.


Can you help a child in Malawi?

Thanks to the kind support of our partners, sponsors, fundraisers and volunteers, Hope4Malawi's school building, resourcing projects and student sponsorships continue to provide life-changing opportunities for children growing up in rural Malawi.

For information about the latest projects, and ways to get involved, please contact us.

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