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I was there! And I’m really glad about that

David Kellet, who was on a team from St Paul’s Church this summer, working in the rural villages and completing and opening the Chipepwete School library, reflects on his experience of being part of a short term mission team:

I was there! And I’m really glad about that.

My main contribution to the team’s effort was to co-deliver three teaching conferences for local pastors and elders, give a sermon in a prison, and a talk to a group of pastors from Mozambique and Malawi. I also pitched in with the other work of the team, and tried to keep everyone topped up with Ferrero Rocher!

But it was much more than just a list of activity and achievements. It was an inspiration, challenge and privilege to help make a difference to people who had real need. We gave the conferences in rural locations, which were at the end of dirt tracks and the buildings we used had no windows, lighting or electricity. The people were poorer than poor. They would sit on the dirt floor unless there were some plastic school chairs available. It was so worth it. They were so receptive. At the end of the final conference a man asked: ‘why did Jesus humble himself”. I was there to answer the question! And I am really glad about that. For me a real highlight was preaching to the prisoners and the team then prayed for those who responded to the salvation message and for healing. I was there! And again, I’m really glad about that!

We had to rely on God and each other (and St Paul’s people praying for us). One night the team prayed for me as I had lost my voice and had a really bad sore throat, but was due to give a talk the next day. In the night the sore throat left me and I gave the talk. It was hard at times. The weather was supposed to be dry and warm. It was definitely not. We were under pressure to complete the library. I was ill practically the whole time. But I was there! And I am really glad about that.

But can I allow my Christian brothers and sisters to live in such spiritual poverty?

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