1. Two million school lunches served in the last five years

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    As Hope4Malawi celebrates 5 years as a charity involved in bring hope and transformation to rural communities, we are seeing the impact of the feeding programmes at Mpemba and Chipwepwete, rural primary schools 6kms from the main road.

    The attendance of the school children is more regular, children are healthier and are better able to concentrate in class.

    This video shows the impact of the feeding programmes on the children.

    Many children come to school hungry as most children in rural Malawi only have one meal a day. It only costs £12 a year to provide a child with a school lunch.  You can provide children with much needed school lunches here.

  2. Marta runs to provide school lunches for children in Malawi

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    Marta is running not just one marathon but two!  And she has chosen to do it to help children in Malawi.  This is what she says:

    I’m a marathon runner on my journey to complete Abbott World Marathon Majors. This year I’m challenging myself to run two marathons in two continents in 6 days.
    On the 16th April I’ll be running Boston Marathon followed by London Marathon on April 22nd where I’m attempting to set Guinness World Record for fastest female wearing a suit.
    Running the Boston Marathon is a dream come true. It took me months of consistent training to qualify for this race alongside family and work commitments.
    As I’m fulfilling my personal dream I would love to help others to make their dreams come true and I’m honored to run for HOPE4MALAWI and contribute for a better future for Malawi Children.
    Alongside my two marathons my family will be running a 5km run in Boston to help raise money for Malawi children and schools.

    I’m so grateful that my children receive good education, have access to amazing resources at school and a choice of a hot meal every day.
    Can you imagine sending your child to school on an empty stomach, school with no classroom and toilet…?
    This is sadly the reality for countless children in Malawi. Many of them don’t eat nutritious meals for days.
    HOPE4MALAWI provides school lunches each day for over 3,000 children in rural Malawi at Chipwepwete (also supported by the Trinity School), Mpemba and St James schools. As well as improving health and attendance, the mug of vitamin fortified porridge also helps the children to concentrate in class.
    It costs just £12 a year to provide lunch for each child every school day.

    By supporting the feeding programmes, we can make a difference to children in one of the poorest countries in the world.

    If you would like to support Marta and help make a difference to children in Malawi you can sponsor her here

  3. Secondary School Sponsorship Programme launched

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    Following outstanding results from pupils at Mpemba School, Hope4Malawi has now launched a secondary school sponsorship scheme to enable bright children from poor families to attend some of the best secondary boarding schools in Malawi.  Being interviewed, all of the ten pupils stated that the library at Mpemba has had an impact on them and been a huge factor in them doing so well in the end of year examinations. How’ever although primary education is free in Malawi, secondary school fees are required.  This is one of the reasons why only 10% of children in rural Malawi attend secondary school.

    Would you like to partner with one of the pupils, to sponsor them by funding their school fees and encouraging them in their secondary school education.  School fees are only £80 a term (£20 a month).  Full details about the sponsorship can be read here

  4. Prep School Raises Funds for Feeding Programme

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    22 Jan

    St David’s Prep in West Wickham has raised funds to provide over 240 children in Malawi with school lunches for a whole year.  The astonishing enthusiasm and commitment of the children in the last couple of months is extraordinary.

    When Alice was asked what motivated her to raise over £300, she said she had imagined herself as one of the children in Malawi coming to school hungry and how she would feel sitting on the floor in a big class with nothing to eat. Isabelle felt it was unfair that we have all the stuff we want and more yet children in Malawi don’t even have what they need.  She and her sister Ava made cakes which their dad sold at work raising over £150.

    Other ways the children at St David’s raised the funds included singing carols, running a mini bingo evening, giving their pocket money, and doing extra chores around their homes.  Lotte sold some of her dresses which were too small for her.  It’s wonderful that these young children care about children 5,000 miles away whom they don’t know but can identify with.  Thank you everyone for your hard work, time and effort.

  5. School children collect over 1500 for a library in Malawi

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    14 Dec

    Over 1,500 primary school books have been donated and sorted by school children from St Dunstan’s primary school in Cheam.  Following an assembly where the children learnt how different a day in the life of a Malawian child is to life in the UK, they brought to school the books they had finished with. Some children brought new books.  The books have been sorted and will be transported to Malawi on the next container and will enable another library to be resourced in a rural primary in rural Blantyre.

  6. Top marks at Mpemba Primary

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    29 Sep

    Mpemba Primary School students have achieved their best results and the school has performed better than other schools in the area.  Three boys have gained places at top national secondary schools havng scored over 90% in their recent exams. In addition several boys and girls gained places at local secondary schools.  Since only 20% of all Malawians currently go to secondary school this is a remarkable achievement.

    These students are obviously bright.  However, staff at the school are attributing the improvement in results to the resources the school now has: the library (opened in 2015) and feeding prgramme  which started in 2013, and to the support that the librarian Peter gives to both students and teachers.

    It is thrilling to see the fruit of these projects which many of you support.  Thank you for your ongoing commitment.

    Now, students who are bright and diligent, have the opportunity to perform well and achieve great results and

    Although primary education is free in Malawi, secondary school is not.  Many of these children come from poor families who can not afford the school fees.

    Hope4Malawi would like to set up a fund which will allow these children and others in the future to attend secondary school.  If you would like to contribute to this fund please donate here or if you would like to support an individual child in secondary or tertiary education please contact Sara

  7. Container contents are sorted

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    15 Aug

    The container packed with books has arrived in Malawi – the team from the UK sorted the books in a hanger at the airport and they are now ready to be distributed.  Primary school books, reference books, bibles, law books have all been categorised.  The team has begun to distribute the books and other resources.

  8. MyBoy at Mpemba

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    14 Aug

    The MyBoy programme at Mpemba secondary school with the older boys was enormous fun. The boys were very responsive and we had some good discussions on gender stereotypes and how they can help the girls stay in school. We discussed the characteristics and responsibilities of an ideal man as well as some local myths and misconceptions about sex, sexual development and menstruation.

  9. Schools in Malawi

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    16 May

    Schools in Malawi have very few resources.  Imagine a school day without a classroom, desks, chairs, books, chalk.  Our dream is to see children thrive at school with the resources they need.   The headmaster of Chipwepwete Primary School talks about some of the challenges facing the school here